A treehouse! A promise of adventure for the kids, a retreat for the adults, a romantic hideaway close to nature. These special little dwellings installed up among the trees fire our imagination and rouse our curiosity, bringing back childhood memories, and with them the desire to climb up and enter a magic world amongst the foliage. To be spellbound again, to witness the different sights and sounds up there by day and night and throughout the seasons. To play up there, to work undisturbed, to relax, to daydream, you won't look back after you've set foot in your wooden haven for the first time.

My treehouses are designed unique to each location so that they sit well in the environment you have for them. Depending on your requirements they can be insulated for the winter months and with full electrics. Often customers will want some natural decking adjacent to the building or to use some reclaimed materials in the construction, or a favourite outdoor ornament.

The dimensions and the height of the treehouse depend on the stability and health of the tree. Sometimes it is better to anchor the treehouse to two or more trees rather than a single one. Your treehouse can have a horizontal or upright design, with two or more levels, or even consist of several interconnected constructions at different heights.

Please look around the gallery and contact me if you would like to discuss creating a building that is perfect for you - I'll come and look at your site and we can talk about what you want the building to achieve.

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