Frequently Asked Questions

Chainsaw Sculpture

Can you work to my design?

Yes. Although the wood that is available will obviously put restrictions on size, and the design may have to be altered during the carving at the discovery of any rot. With every new design I create a maquette out of modeling clay, this helps us both to fully visualise the design.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size and complexity of the design it can be as little as £200 p/day to hire me as a chainsaw sculptor.

Can you do live demonstrations ?

Depending on what demonstrations, as there are obviously certain safety aspects that need addressing. If you look in my gallery (link chainsaw page) you can see past events such as Westonbirt Festival of the Tree where a group of people work to strict time limits to create the most interesting sculpture, so if a big public display is what you are after best to drop me a call or e-mail and we can discuss it. For specific safety info please check (website here).

Do you run chainsaw workshops?

Iím starting to get quite a lot of interest in this, and am considering starting workshops for small groups of people soon. Get in contact if you have a small group already.

Do I have to have the wood already?

Although it is very satisfying to see a dead garden tree transformed into something new, I can source wood from elsewhere as well.

Iím on a budget; can you do a very small carving?

Yes, but small and complex may end up costing more. Youíre best bet is to find a good rot-free piece of wood yourself and we can come up with a simple design.

Can you make sculptures out of anything other than wood?

Yes, I can also sculpt with marble and clay, but feel versatile to turn my hand to most materials. Maybe you want to set me a new challenge?

What is involved in the consultation?

Well firstly I will come to the place where you want to build; weíll have a chat about what it is you want there, what it will be used for, what feel you want for the place. We can discuss budget, planning guides and any other queries you may have. After this you can consider whether you want me to do a design plan.

What do I get with a design plan?

The design plan comes with detailed plans and scale sketches on the build, with estimated cost and details of recommended materials.

Can you fit electrics?

Yes, I am a fully qualified German electrician. This means I can fit†sockets, lighting and if necessary garden lighting and PC cabling†for the ideal office space. I will then get a P registered electrician to certify my work and you will receive a guarantee certificate.

Can you insulate my office?

Yes, I can make it fully warm and comfortable for these hardy winters we are getting.

How long will it take to build?

This will be different for every design, but somewhere in the region of one to two weeks for tree house and†six to 8 weeks for most offices. It would be possible to build off-site if the building does not need to be built around a tree or some other obstacle

Will the tree houses be safe for the children to play in?

Definitely, having worked as a wood work teacher in schools, and built for schools with mentally handicapped students I understand the importance of making a place safe for the kids.

Where do you source your materials?

Normally, for the feature pieces I use reclaimed or found materials, and for the main build I buy from local building merchants or saw Mill's. If you have a preference for a certain material I can work this into the design.

I donít think any of the trees in my garden are big enough for a tree house. Can you build a free standing one?

Yes. It also might be possible to use the tree for one corner of the structure and set poles into the ground for the other supports

How much will it cost?

This is all depending on what the size is, the materials used, whether itís a tree house, or playground etc. Best to contact me and we can arrange a free consultation if you live in the local area Ė roughly Gloucestershire.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is not normally needed for a treehouse unless the structure is going to be higher than 4m and/or the site means that the house makes a significant visual intrusion on neighbours privacy. The Treehouse Team is happy to advise but final responsibility for planning permission remains with the owners of the property and if you have any doubts, you should make your own checks with the local planning authority.

Health and Safety

The site area will be maintained as a safe area throughout construction as we are aware of the health and safety priorities for our building team and those around the site. However, we ask that parents should keep themselves and their children clear of the site until the project is finished and handed over.

We are often asked about the effects of weathering on timber cladding.

The pictures show the cladding just as the site was finished and then again just under two years later, please note this example is on a very exposed site and consequently the weathering has evolved more quickly than in a more sheltered location where this level of weathering may take 4-5 years. The timber used was locally sourced, Scottish Larch.
The pictures to the left show the cladding in its original yellowish reddish colour and immediately right, the cladding has turned to a silvery grey colour, typical of weathered Scottish Larch.