art Project

Rustic fence and decking  
Hazel and oak mumble-gumble.
Rustic Shelf for a shop in Stroud 
Garden construction in Farnham Surrey  
Day1 after the boundary wall was build!
Brimscombe Garden Office 
The Ark, Salisbury 
(walking the curve) I was the artistic manager for this incredible build, helping with the stud work which only took 8 weeks, I then moved on to place a real tree in the centre of the house with branches moving through the rooms, and created the fire hearth, porch and door. The site was also beautiful with 35 different varieties of butterfly resident in the surrounding woodlands.
Finnish log cabin built at Friday Island, Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire 05
Front of log cabin with timber hatch
Inside log cabin
Window inside log cabin
Log Cabin interior, Swansea 07
Bannister & Sky light, log cabin, Swansea 07
Sky light & bedroom balcony, Swansea 07
RT house doc.
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